The best and worst day

Taken from my journal in 2007:

Yesterday morning John and I went to the publishing facility to pick up my CD’s, brand new and hot off the presses. Of course we had to celebrate at Starbucks! Over chai lattes and one shared blueberry scone, we took off the plastic wrap and opened the very first CD. Musing over the graphics, so pretty, I noticed that the songs are listed in the wrong order on the back. Ugh, a beautiful moment ruined. Well, most people won’t notice, I guess. But such a huge error!

Then it was ‘bye to sweet hubby, and off to my day job. Excited to have an album out, wishing I didn’t still have to work, and then my phone rang. It was John, and his dad had died.  Dad had been in the hospice facility, daily wasting away from the cancer, and we had been waiting for this moment. But, why on the day of the CD? So bittersweet this day was turning out.

The family gathered in dad’s room at the hospice facility. Much sadness, much laughter, as we recounted memories. Then we all went over to mom’s, who also has cancer.  She’s not doing super good, she’s sad, kinda mad, and really worried about her future. My heart went out to her. A few hours later, I left to make the hour drive home and take care of my kid. Of course, I was rear-ended by an uninsured motorist. Who was a college age girl, begging me not to tell the police, and assuring me that she would pay for the damage on the side. Right!

Why do people have to get cancer? Why do I have to get rear-ended? Why do things always seem to go wrong? I don’t have the answers to the “why’s” of life. But I do know that God loves me, and I Him. What a RELIEF!  That crazy day a couple years ago, when John’s dad died, I realized how much bigger God is than my troubles. And I was so relieved to have God in my life… always taking care of me :)