Bird In The Kitchen


I cleaned the kitchen yesterday.

I didn’t just clean it… I scrubbed for three hours.  My 5 year old son was in and out helping some, which was more like watching movies, playing & stuff.  He was also on the patio making friends with a bird.  “Peck peck peck!” he would yell.  He thought it was a woodpecker.

I remember seeing that bird perched on a patio chair near the open kitchen door, and thinking to myself I ought to shut the door.  I just had this hunch but I shoved it in the back of my mind.  Next thing I knew, the bird had followed my son into the house and was flying around the kitchen, pooping on the floors and curtains and the family room couch!

I pondered as I scrubbed bird poop, that Mr. Birdie had shown me a great little analogy.  How I scrub and scour to clean myself up but if I leave my heart’s door ajar to temptation, sin can dash in quickly to mess it all up!  Such a great picture.  Just as I’ll definitely remember to close the kitchen door from now on, and keep those feathery critters out… I am reminded to keep my heart’s door sealed up tight against the flapping wings of temptation.   Because every tomorrow is a new day!