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Diane Luna is currently a pastor’s wife, mom, worship leader and songwriter based in San Diego, California, with a genuine heart and a poignant passion to worship God. Her newly released album EVERYTHING IS GOOD, a stirring journey of electronic anthems and acoustic ballads, is a tender yet strong album of modern worship hymns.  Diane heads up the worship arts ministry at her home church where her husband, John, is pastor, and also spends time leading worship for retreats, churches and ministries.

Being raised in a Christian home, Diane was exposed to worship music from an early age. “When I was young we attended a church called Calvary Chapel, located in Costa Mesa, CA. My parents were so excited about their church & passionate about the bible. My dad, besides being an amazing boogie-style pianist, did a lot of graphic design in those days, including a few record album covers for a few Christian artists. We always had somebody over at our house, plunking away at the piano working on songs, or chatting with dad about all things creative.”

The family later moved to the country, but the creative seeds were planted, as well as an early-rooted deep faith in God. “I can remember committing my heart to Jesus Christ at an early age but as I grew up I chased endless temptations: peer pressure, parties, drugs, guys, money, career… all of which left my heart in an unquenchable death. I can vividly recall my ‘aha’ moment when I saw how fruitless the things were that I was doing. In that moment I realized how hugely wonderful God is… His love encompassing anything I could try to do to escape Him. Everything I learned growing up clicked in my brain. Only GOD can satisfy hearts (and save souls) by His forgiveness of sin through the death and resurrection of His son Jesus Christ. That very instant I packed up my life, ran straight into the bible and back to church. And now, standing next to my handsome hubby, John, with two crazy kids and a guitar in tow… I’ll tell as many people about God’s limitless love as are willing to listen. And I might play a song or two while I’m at it!”