Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven… it’s called the Lord’s Prayer.  The rest of it is spelled out in the Bible.  Recently I led worship for The CC Escondido women’s retreat, and Cathy Dickinson was taking us through the Lord’s Prayer.  A few of the gals were asking me if I could play the Lord’s Prayer hymn.  Well, me not being raised on hymns, I honestly had no idea how to play it. Feeling somewhat inadequate as a worship leader, I spent some time in my room Saturday writing my OWN Lord’s prayer song.  It was pretty cool, just came flowing out in about 20 minutes of writing. Then another half hour or so of practice and the song was ready to go. I decided to play it at our Saturday night session, and even though it wasn’t the hymn they wanted, at least I was able to give them something!  The coolest part of the whole thing… the new song actually turned out pretty good, and will be featured on my next album coming soon.  Yay!  Who knows, maybe it will be the next Lord’s Prayer Hymn.

Here we are, the “chick band” as we used to call ourselves.  Oh, how I loved doing music with Michelle and Jen.  And oh, how I loved Horizon San Diego Women’s Ministry!  What can I say about Sandy MacIntosh? She is beautiful, sweet, wise, intelligent… and a fabulous bible teacher! The four years I spent as worship leader there were spent soaking it all in. The funny thing is, when I started I didn’t even LIKE women’s ministry.  I came reluctantly, invited by a friend. Boy, I’m glad I gave it a chance!  Especially now, as a pastors wife myself, having flown the coop so to speak… I am forever grateful for everything I learned from Sandy, Alison, and all the others.  And… I loved that short blonde hair :)