park chapel

Words cannot express how much I love Park Chapel.  I really love the low-key, artist vibe.  And LOVE how much this group worships.  Something about them is just so sweet.  I really think that people who attend a church will follow the lead of their pastor.  He has such a loving heart, you can see it reflected in the people.  One of my favorite things (and also the most intimidating) is that this particular church is FULL of musicians.  I’ve never seen so much unique talent in one spot!  And some really great debut albums have been recorded in their studio! (Wink, wink)

fly-pitHave you ever had an embarrassing moment?  Mine was at the Summer Concerts outdoor event at Horizon Valley Center a couple years ago.  I was super stoked to play with Ricky, producer for the Rock Everlasting album, and also to share the stage with Ian Galleghar and the Dance Floor Prophets.  I love outdoor evangelism, it’s so amazing to watch God work on people’s hearts.  And I like the loud sound systems too!  So I get up there, begin a beautiful song, and this fly starts buzzing me.  It went in my nose, buzzed my armpit, my eyes… I totally flubbed.  I actually had to start the song over. Howwwww embarrassing!  Everything turned out alright but I was humbled.  And at the end of the day, after all the great bands… it was the clown with the Gospel Puppet Show who truly made an impact.  SO many kids raised their hands and wanted to know Jesus!  A good humbling is necessary now and then, to keep things in perspective.  God is in control, and He will always do good things, no matter if we flub, or not.  And at the end of the day… I was totally encouraged to keep on keepin’ on, despite when there are flies in my armpit.

Here we are, the “chick band” as we used to call ourselves.  Oh, how I loved doing music with Michelle and Jen.  And oh, how I loved Horizon San Diego Women’s Ministry!  What can I say about Sandy MacIntosh? She is beautiful, sweet, wise, intelligent… and a fabulous bible teacher! The four years I spent as worship leader there were spent soaking it all in. The funny thing is, when I started I didn’t even LIKE women’s ministry.  I came reluctantly, invited by a friend. Boy, I’m glad I gave it a chance!  Especially now, as a pastors wife myself, having flown the coop so to speak… I am forever grateful for everything I learned from Sandy, Alison, and all the others.  And… I loved that short blonde hair :)